Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Mal
    Feb 5, 11:22 AM
    Trust me, it's going to be much easier to just use MailChimp. They have a free option, as long as it's less that 2000 contacts and less than 12,000 emails per month. You just embed their signup form on your website, and you can compose the emails elsewhere and copy/paste, or use their forms. For someone that's not computer-savvy, it's really the best way by far, and since it's free, nothing to lose really.

    EDIT: If you want to see an example form, here's mine: http://www.thewalkersinjapan.com/p/contact-us_3431.html


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  • entatlrg
    Jul 10, 10:53 AM
    Try a Thinkpad T-series. Best-built for the money, with user-replaceable parts (try finding that on most machines today), and a keyboard that puts all others to shame.

    ThinkPad displays suck, otherwise a nice computer. Huge mistake on Lenovo's behalf imo.

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  • tablo13
    Feb 11, 09:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B118 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Thanks, he just used redsn0w and jailbroke his iPod successfully.

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  • bigandy
    Nov 30, 03:35 PM
    About time.


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  • AdiFish
    Aug 3, 10:08 AM
    Canon PowerShot SX1 IS

    Yes!!!!!! \o/ ... I've been hoping against hope for this since RAW ability was given in a firmware upgrade. Fantastic Camera! :)

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  • Darwin
    Jan 8, 06:03 PM
    thanks for the quick reply.
    One reason I want to do this is because the hd on my imac is filling up quickly, and if I am going to use a separate hd for storage, I might as well use the g5, right?
    So, with vnc on than I can control the g5 from my iMac?

    Sure thing, OS X has a vnc server already built in so switch it on in the G5's sharing preference. You can then screen share from the iMac's network panel in the Finder or by typing in the G5's address into the Screen Sharing app. (The app is hidden in the System/Library/CoreServices)


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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 12, 07:56 AM

    I need a REALLY cool iphone case. Kinda like the Switch Easy stuff, just a little thinner. Thanks!

    Have you looked into the switcheasy Naked? It is a switchasy itself and one of the thinnest cases ever.

    Problem is like most plastic cases, it will look like it went through war after just a few weeks of use.

    If you don't like that one what switcheasy case you like so I can see If I know of a similar one that is slimmer.

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  • JayMBP
    May 2, 09:11 PM
    I have a 2011 MBP 17" and I order the kit from MaxUpgrades.

    The kit including optibay, enclosure for superdrive and a Vertex3 120GB and two day shipping was $370 IRC. They even managed to ship the same day I ordered. So it was definitely a plus. Considering you have a maybe pick a SATAII based SSD unless you plan to upgrade some time down the road so you could recycle the SATAIII SSD.

    The only downside is that it doesn't come with any instruction. But then again, it's not very different to others. Just be careful and you shouldn't have any problem.

    The optibay is very well made, feels solid when holding. I didn't have any fitting issue although some other users have reported some slight problems. I think it's because they are pretty tight fit, so don't tighten then screw all the way until you have all 3 on.


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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 7, 10:19 AM
    Well, I don't think he'd go to that much trouble just to taunt the French media...If he does race I think the reason will be because that's what he does, and he doesn't want to stop.

    Quote: Armstrong Said (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/cycling/4219934.stm) "I'm thinking it's the best way to p*** [the French] off. I'm not willing to put a percentage on the chances but I will no longer rule it out."

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  • dccorona
    Apr 10, 04:55 PM
    power support makes by far the best dry install protectors out there. I too don't like wet install kits, and all other dry installs besides power support are less sturdy...often having tears in the protector before you even install it


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  • MarioB
    Mar 14, 03:51 PM
    Haven't tried it but i've heard of iswift (or was it iswifter?) is an app similar to skyfire and it lets you play flash through their proxy servers

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 20, 10:00 AM
    So I cant do it with a DVD at all? WTH? Seems very inconvenient to need the special USB install media.

    That is the case with ALL Macs that ship with newer version of OS X, not just MBAs. The install media is included so you can use it and sometimes it's the only media you can use. Apple didn't include it so you can just throw it away.


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 24, 05:10 PM
    Did you try googling the obvious: palindrome python program

    One of the top 10 hits is this:

    nstead this sounds like an academic assignment/exercise/what-have-you.

    A quick suggestion OP : If this is homework, do not try "googling the obvious" and especially do not copy/paste code from the top 10 hits. If it was that easy to find, your teacher already found it also and will fail you with good reason when you try to turn in "Internet" code.

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  • daryliow
    Jun 21, 05:23 PM
    +1 for the O2 store

    I was only there for the 3G launch and there was about 20 by the time the store opened! You know what time it opens? I'm think of getting there at 7.15am ish


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  • someguy
    Dec 15, 06:17 PM
    Manufacturing defect? :rolleyes:

    No door in my Rev D. 15" PB.

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  • roxor
    Apr 4, 08:53 AM
    Thanks... doesn't look good ...

    Do you think my second architecture (the one with two Expresses) would work?


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  • CaptainChunk
    Apr 26, 03:24 AM
    If you're in the UK, your best bet will probably be Crucial, as they run a UK web store. Crucial sells the proper modules with Apple-approved heatsinks.

    �235.19 inc. VAT for two 4GB sticks (8GB kit). Not exactly cheap, but really, it's only about 10% more than what I would pay for the same thing in the States, after I factor in tax (which Crucial charges in my state), based on the currency exchange rate.


    OWC and Trans Intl are always cheaper than Crucial, ASSUMING you live in the US. But the shipping and customs would kill you as a UK resident and they would cost more than Crucial in the end.

    As said before, FB-DIMMs are expensive and chances are, they'll probably never decrease in price, but perhaps even increase over time.

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  • Stang68
    Oct 18, 10:26 PM
    That is where I would be going to get it, but I am in CT right now at college. Also, I dont think I am gonna buy Leopard until January, you know, wait for all the bugs and what-not to get taken care of. Sorry!:o

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  • quantum003
    Apr 29, 10:35 AM
    I didn't know they had vinyl banners, those are cool. I have a couple of the Think Different posters: Picasso and Earhart. Nabbed 'em right off the wall from my old work immediately after they went out of business- yoink! :D

    Apr 19, 03:13 PM
    I bought RAM in January from OWC for my MacBook Pro. Went from 2GB to 8GB. Everything is working fine.

    Jul 2, 02:28 AM
    not really related, but

    is there a set of keystrokes that'll hide everything and just show the finder?

    Apr 29, 08:34 PM
    i spilled vine in mine and took everything apart and dipped in alcohol 95% or more(motherboard and keyboard and fan) and cleaned it with a toothbrush ,let it dry and put it back, is been 4 months now and everything works fine.
    try that.Is yours the white unibody MacBook? Did you see wine on the motherboard?

    May 4, 12:25 PM
    What is the height from the table or desktop to the bottom of the screen. Not the bottom of the IMAC, but the bottom of the screen/glass.


    Mar 19, 05:02 PM
    The ram also has to be put in matched pairs going outward from the centre of the ram slots.

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